Prolonging the Life of Your Computer

Whether it is a prebuilt configuration, or you decided to make a custom PC, whether it is for business, gaming, or just fun, all computers have an expiration date. Like the human body, it is only a matter of time before one or more of the components gives out. However, there are a few tips […]

Move Over Classic Watches, We Are Going Smart!

A relatively new trend is spreading across the globe – smartwatches. We use them to control our phones, track our goals, get info on the weather, as well as any notifications we are signed up for. Does this mean that the classic watch industry is dying out? As it happens, not really. Smartwatches Smartwatches, though […]

Highest-Paying E-Sports

E-sports are rising in popularity and are recognized not only by the International Olympic Committee but the people who like to bet on sports as well. In the beginning, betting on sports and casinos with different bonus codes like the Slots Heaven promo code were more popular, but e-sports are slowly taking over. It takes […]

Harmful and Dangerous Video Games

You’ve heard politicians and concerned mothers rave and rage against violent video games, terrified that they are corrupting the youth. The question is: Are video games, as a whole, dangerous to children, teens, and adults? Sex and Violence Sex and violence are prevalent in many video games, whether it is AAA games of just free-to-play […]

How to Stay Safe Online

The internet is a vast and beautiful place that holds numerous great things like Betregal offer, but also many hidden dangers, just like the real world. It is a great education, marketing, and communication tool, but that doesn’t mean it can be used without proper precautions. Personal Info Anyone could be anyone online. One of […]

Best Smartphones for Smart People – the Big Three

Some people are satisfied with a phone that can call, text, reach others on social media, find a Bitstarz welcome bonus and that has a camera that isn’t too busted. Some may even enjoy one or two mobile games. However, there are the tech-geeks out there, as well as people looking for the best of […]