Prolonging the Life of Your Computer

Whether it is a prebuilt configuration, or you decided to make a custom PC, whether it is for business, gaming, or just fun, all computers have an expiration date. Like the human body, it is only a matter of time before one or more of the components gives out. However, there are a few tips and tricks to make your computer last longer.


Average computer users are shocked every time they need to clean the inside of the tower. It is amazing how much dust, among other things, can accumulate if left unchecked. How can a little dirt affect your computer? Well, in several ways.

First of all, components covered in dust, dirt, pet hair, tobacco smoke, chip dust, and other things perform slower, but that is not the biggest issue.

The filth can stick to your fan, causing it to blow slower and not provide adequate cooling to your configuration. Not only is your computer going to run slower, but it is also at a serious risk of melting. For some components, this may not be a big deal, you can simply replace most of them. However, if the hard drive is fried, you will lose all of your data and there would be no way to recover it. Keep all parts of your computer clean, including the keyboard, the mouse, and the monitor as they may act unpredictably due to accumulated dust and grime.

Surge Protectors

If you have a curious little one at home or live in an area that is prone to power surges, you already know what we are talking about. Turning your PC on and off over and over again when it is not necessary is a great way to mess up your power source.

The same goes for weak power lines that cause unpredictable blackouts.

Luckily, most PCs nowadays come with a built-in fuse, making the PC turn off during a power surge in order to preserve the components as much as possible, as well as prevent a potential fire. Nevertheless, you should consider investing in a surge protector. It should keep the power spikes at bay.

Cool Down

All the power of a computer means nothing if you cannot cool it down properly. Most retail configurations do not expect significant stress from the workload, so they are only equipped with a fan. That is more than enough, if you keep the fan clean, keep the computer away from the sunlight and make sure it is in a room with decent airflow. There are different cooling systems you can use if you want to do some hardcore stuff.

Basic Maintenance

You can build a custom computer using your own preferred components and those may very well prolong the life of your computer. However, some basic maintenance may be even more useful. Keep your hardware and software up to date, remember to defrag and keep your hard drive space and RAM at optimal levels. If properly maintained, your computer may live long enough to become obsolete.