Novak Djokovic’s 2022 Australian Open Debacle

There are a lot of stories and news headlines that focus on the situation that happened to Novak Djokovic in the 2022 Australian Open. The topics here have to do with the COVID pandemic, the situation Australia is currently in, and people’s position on whether you should get vaccinated or not. While Virgin Games Promo Code has never failed its users, this situation has let many people down. The final decision of Novak’s deportation has denied lots of viewers incredible matches that would be played by Novak GOAT. Here we will go over what happened in the 2022 Australian Open. 

Australia’s Vaccination Policy 

To be perfectly clear, Australia was pretty adamant about its position about the vaccine or that it is mandatory for players in order to compete. However, it also allowed for medical exemption as it would be unrealistic to demand everyone to be vaccinated no matter what. Novak did provide medical or vaccination exemption documents and there was no issue with that part. The problem was his visa. 

Visa Problem

World number 1 tennis player did not have a visa that allows for a medical exemption. This is what created a problem and why Novak was quarantined in a hotel. This situation on its own creates a problem because he is stuck in a room where he cannot make the last preparation or even stick to his plant-based diet. Luckily, Novak’s legal team was quick to act and they issued an appeal in order to overturn this decision. 

On Monday around 10 pm Australian time the court finally reached its decision where it made visa cancellation null and void. This meant the Australian authorities were wrong to detain Novak and were forced to pay legal costs and release the player.  

Final Outcome 

It would appear that this decision to fight back and to stick to his principles didn’t sit well with Immigration Minister Alex Hawke. At this point, it was clear that Novak didn’t do anything illegal but the whole story made the Australian government look weak.  Alex Hawke decided to reimpose the initial penalty to which Novak appealed again. This time around he lost a judicial review that has to do with visa cancellation, which is why he was deported. 

It’s difficult to say why Australia wants Novak to be vaccinated even if he is not a threat. The medical situation was already bad. It could have to do with some of the videos that Novak posted the year before where he says that he doesn’t like the idea of mandatory vaccination. So, it’s hard to say who got the politics involved first, but it seems that whenever a celebrity criticizes a government nowadays they are the ones who end up apologizing. We saw the same thing happen with Labron and John Cena. So, the question is whether the same thing would happen if Novak never openly spoke about his stance on mandatory vaccination because he has done nothing to offend the Australian government directly.