The Best Sports for Social Distancing

Sports are popular, as a recreational activity, as a way of socializing, as a way of exercising, as well as a way of earning money. Professional athletes earn money, but so do managers, bookmakers and punters. Punters and bookmakers are almost an essential part of sports. Sports fans tend to bet online, and some of them are even kind enough to leave reviews for other potential punters, like this Betvictor Review.

However, in today’s world, sports are becoming more difficult to play, mostly because we are faced with a global pandemic. Such an obstacle has made hosting sports events a nightmare, for the organizers and the participating athletes. 

If you want to play sports in 2021 and are afraid of a certain virus, then here are the best sports for social distancing.


In tennis, athletes are often separated by an entire tennis court and a net, even. The boundaries are pretty clear and players will be separated by lots of distance. In amateur matches, or rather, ones that you play with your friends, there will likely be no other people on the court, leaving you with lots of space and safety to work with. In smaller tournaments, referees, as well as ball kids might be present, but all in all, tennis is a great sport to play in times of a pandemic.


While not essentially a sport but rather a way of life, parkour can be done individually, which leaves the practitioner with lots of room to find a good place to exercise. Parkour is an urban discipline which does imply working out in urban surroundings, like around buildings or inside of them, but close proximity to other people or even other practitioners, is not recommended.

In parkour, most of the time, practitioners will either take turns if they are practicing around one another or are planning to run the same route. If one works out alone, then contact with other people will be minimal.


Running is one of the best sports to consider if you want to distance yourself from others. Running can be done on your own and given the fact that you will be running, getting away from others is implied.

Running can be done in most weather conditions, even snow, with ice being the only possible deal breaker. Regardless, consider running if you want to spend time on your own, but still do a good workout.


Hiking can be done on your own, but is generally not recommended, unless you are absolutely good on your feet, as well as flexible should you miss a step. Going out in the wilderness often requires at least two to five people. Larger groups present more danger to themselves than smaller.

Hiking is a great activity/sport, because hikers can choose the distance between them, and in general, it would be better if there was a distance in case of an avalanche, slip or slide. Having enough room to properly fall and not take another with you is an unwritten rule of hiking/climbing.

Sports are great and in 2021, we still have to keep our distance from others, for our own safety and theirs as well. These sports are great choices if you still want to have fun with others or even on your own, but keep a safe distance.