Life and Routine-Changing Apps

When a person says they simply cannot survive without their phone, they usually mean playing games, posting on social media, listening to podcasts and even betting on online casinos with the help of Virgin Bet. However, some of them refer to a number of really useful apps that help you with your day. Here are a few apps that can change your daily routine, help you with money management, and, possibly, change your lifestyle.


Instacart, and many apps like it, is there to help a person with a busy schedule that doesn’t have the time to go grocery shopping. You place your order in the app and get the same-day delivery, giving you enough room to spend quality time with your family, exercise, play a few video games, or take a nap. Fresh produce delivered to your doorstep is just a click away.


Do you have trouble with motivating yourself to do something? It could be waking up early, exercising, having breakfast at a particular time or a plethora of other things. Done lets you keep track of all the changes you want to implement in your life and make you check off every time you honor your dedication to yourself. This is a motivational/habit-building tool. If Done is not up your alley, there are a few similar apps that you may find more suitable to your needs.


Portions of the 50 Shades of Grey were originally written on a Blackberry. We never know when the inspiration is going to strike. That’s why writers who are Apple fans can now enjoy Bear, a writing tool that is there when you feel the need to jot a few things down for your next piece. It works on all Apple devices.

On the other hand, if you are an Android user that doesn’t want to be left out, there are plenty of writing apps out there, like Novelist and Narrative Nods.

Mobile Banking Apps

This isn’t the name of the app, but chances are that your bank has an app of its own, making it easy for you to pay your bills, your meals, transfer funds, all without going to the bank itself. Mobile banking is great because you are no longer required to spend hours on end in your bank on your day off, since their working hours are the same as yours, and then pay the bills at different locations. Money management becomes something that you do whenever you feel like it and it saves you a lot of time and stress.

Insight Timer

If you have trouble falling asleep because you are alone with your thoughts, or stressed about your future obligations, feeling like you have no control over your life and are about to panic, you probably either turn on the noise machine, the TV, or read until you fall asleep. InsightTimer gives you a large free library of sounds, music, and stories for sleeping, meditation, and dealing with anxiety.

In the age where the fast lifestyle doesn’t allow us to spend the day in the sun or unwind in our own way, apps like this help out a lot.