Rick MacArthur wants the world to bend to his reality. And in real life, if you’re a wealthy and powerful person, the world does just that. On the Internet, advertisers may attempt to reassemble the ads you see into a perfectly relevant constellation, but the other human beings do exactly what they want to, regardless of what John MacArthur wants. And a vanishingly small number of them devote time to Googling, “magazines that publish essays.” Even if Harper’s was the #1 result for that search term, it wouldn’t help Harper’s one bit. Seriously. Not one bit. Right now, the number-one result for that search is a post by writer Meghan Ward, “20 Places to Publish Personal Essays.” Ward told me that the post has received 450 unique visitors in the last week. That’s a respectable number for a personal site post, but you just can’t build a magazine business around those kinds of numbers. And that’s traffic from all sources, not just Google. The point is: most people don’t read any essays, and those that do want to read the best essays, and they count on — for good or for ill — their friends and Internet friends to act as the editors of the world’s essays for them.

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