How to Improve Your Body Language

We all strive to be better, or at least, we hope that we do. There are many ways in which we can improve ourselves, from putting in physical effort to putting in mental effort. We can improve on many fronts. Improvements in socialization have been challenging lately, mostly due to a global pandemic and everybody being forced to work and communicate via the internet. You could say that body language was not really that important during these times, but face to face, our body language might tell a story that we would not want it to.

Being in control of your actions is an asset in both your private and professional lives. Here is how you can improve your body language, to make the best of any social interaction.

Steady Eye Contact

Shy people and those with lots of social anxiety will know that it is difficult to maintain eye contact. But, eye contact is one of the best ways to show confidence, interest, and a presence in a conversation. If you are avoiding eye contact when talking to people, that can tell a lot of stories.
Focusing on the other person, making eye contact, and holding it for an appropriate period of time will give you the confidence you need, and a presence that might not seem like much, but is essential in social interactions.

The Posture – Upright

Being slouched is almost never a desirable position. Sitting upright and walking with a straight back is as important as making eye contact. If you are slouched and are leaning backward, you will give off a different impression than if you were to lean forward and be straight.
Having control of your trapezius and rhomboids will signal the other person in the conversation that you are actively involved. Additionally, people with an upright posture always look better, owning their height in a relaxed and positive manner.

Be Aware of Your Movements

People who fidget, move, put their hands in their pockets, and are frequently too active with their extremities during a conversation seem either anxious, nervous, or uninterested. Whether you are moving too much or you lean back, hands in pockets, you can give off an idea of being uninterested. One can avoid that by being aware of what their body is doing and changing the position in which they were. Having steady, slower movements, especially intentional ones, is a great way of signaling that you are present and aware of what you are doing, as well as what the other person is doing.

There are many ways of improving your body language, and one can start with maintaining eye contact, having a great posture, and being aware of what their body is doing. Follow these tips if you want to have better body language and tell the world that you are confident and present.