The Biggest Legends of American Football

You can argue in sports bars, but you can’t argue with facts. It doesn’t matter who your personal football favorite is, the legends are out there, breaking records and making names for themselves. Based on their performances and their stats, we have made a list of the greatest legends in football.

Tom Brady

Even though the man, the myth, the legend is going to retire soon, seeing as how his last season left a lot to be desired, his accomplishments and his fight for the veterans of sports have not gone unnoticed. The stull-active quarterback is a six-time Super Bowl champion, named MVP 4 times in the Super Bowl and three times in the NFL, has most passing yards and most completed passes. While some may see his age as a downside, and it can be at times, it has also allowed him to claim the title of the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

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Jerry Rice

The wide receiver of the 49ers retired back in 2004, making some of his records still unbeaten for over 16 years. He won three Super Bowls, was once named Super Bowl MVP, and twice the NFL Offensive Player of the Year. If things have gone a little differently, Rice would have brought glory to the Dallas Cowboys instead of the 49ers, who traded two draft picks to get him.

Walter Payton

Payton played in the 70s and 80s as a running back for the Chicago Bears. He entered the Hall of Fame in ’93, won a Super Bowl and was named NFL Offensive Player of the Year in ‘77. Many regard him as the greatest running back of all time. The late Payton’s life was published in a biography entitled “Never Die Easy”, which was also his creed during his life.

Joe Montana

One of the people breathing heavily down the neck of Tom Brady on the list of the greatest players of all time, sparking debates among fans is Joe Montana. 4 Super bowls, 3 Super Bowls MVPs, 2 NFL MVPs, and NFL Offensive Player of the Year are just a few of his amazing achievements. The quarterback also holds the record for most passes without an interception. One of the things he is most famous for is his refusal to ever back down, no matter how the things seemed on the field.

Dan Marino

You might be surprised to find an entry on this list that doesn’t include a Super Bowl win. In truth, Marino still holds over 10 different records, while some two dozen of them have been broken since his retirement. One of history’s most famous and most capable quarterbacks started and ended his playing career with the Miami Dolphins. He is universally loved and honored, as witnessed by his cameos and appearances in many TV shows, like The Simpsons, and movies, like Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.

Lawrence Taylor

The linebacker for the New York Giants has won two Super Bowl rings, one NFL MVP, 10 Pro Bowls, and was named the Defensive Player of the Year three times. Fans remember him not only for his records and play style but his controversial attitude on and off the field. Still, he can be credited with altogether changing the defensive strategy of the game in general.