5 Boring Jobs

Some people love their jobs, while others hate them. There are jobs that give you creative control and let you express and challenge yourself every single day. We, however, are going to discuss the most boring jobs on the face of the earth.


Information Technology is a very lucrative field, provided you are familiar with the demands of the market. People are regularly searching for backend developers, frontend developers, web designers, hosting, maintenance, and so on.

The reason the jobs in this industry are boring to everyone except the most passionate programmers is that there is a lot of coding, legwork, negotiations, and over 10 last-minute changes by the client.

There are too many things you could be doing instead of spending hours on end trying to figure out what the client wants and/or why the code doesn’t work.

Banking, Accounting, Finance

Not only are you a service provider that needs to answer some pretty impossible questions and demands, like: “Where’s all my money? I just bought a jet-ski and a vacation in Hawaii, it couldn’t have been that much”, but you are also, in a way, a data-entry clerk. The job is boring and it also gives you a lot of stress in terms of focus and responsibility. There are many forms to fill our properly when it comes to money transfers, taxes, and memos and it is your responsibility to make sure everything goes to its proper place or face some serious legal repercussions.


Lawyers are not the justice warriors or whimsical philosophers you see in David E. Kelley shows. It is also rare for them to experience their A Few Good Men scene. Lawyers deal with the word and spirit of various sections of the law and they are usually specialized in a particular area, like family law, criminal law, and so on.

To prepare for a case, the lawyer must get acquainted with the case itself, the law for the circumstances, and precedents that allow them and their clients more breathing room.

Then there is the administration, scheduling court dates, postponing them, drafting legal documents, copying them, and getting them notarized. If you are not a fan of paperwork, you are going to hate being a lawyer.

Customer Support

Have you ever been yelled at by a “Karen”? It is especially interesting in situations that are beyond your control. Customer support agents, no matter the industry, are there to appease the customer in an effort to prevent potential legal action and, sometimes, to show genuine support for their customer base.

Whenever a customer has a problem with a product or a service, eventually they come to customer support. The agent is required to go through some basic troubleshooting steps and, if they don’t work, try to figure out the problem and solve it quickly.

Imagine being at your station or cubicle in a computer company, for example, and repeating the same phrase 8 hours a day: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” Trust us, they are even more sick of it than you are.


Specifically, we are referring to project managers, but any manager will do for this list. Not only do you have to know how to do the job of each employee under your care in order to jump in when necessary, but you also need to schedule them and organize them according to their strengths and weaknesses and that can be exhausting.

The biggest nightmare, however, is the meetings which, admittedly, should be emails, but with the fibs and procrastination, sometimes you need to look the people in the eye and ask them about their tasks. These meetings are a big waste of time and energy.